More and more and more

More and more and more

Painting: Avril E. Jean: Ships at Port Philip Bay


defying loneliness
in introvert mass
being nonexistent
had to be learned
she decided to pass

after indefinite while

made her step
to become free
there she floated
beyond life
lonely at sea

staring around
dazzled by an ocean
full of little ships
sailing like mimes
apparently it was
a sea crowded with
vessels out of times

they sailed with her
and she with them
carried by all winds
seemingly without direction
strong currents though
converged them as one
bringing eternal connection

strong fragile ships
changing anything before
never sailing alone again
growing in numbers
more and more and more






“More and more and more”: © Meander; Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands; August 7, 2019.

Painting: Ships at Port Philip Bay; © Avril E. Jean.

Paintings and art by Avril E. Jean? Click HERE.

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This poem is about living, about not living, although. About being alone, about loneliness and what could happen if you escape from it. Use the power of your imagination and dream the poem. Stretch out to others, especially those living alone and probably being alone.
I discovered the painting made by Avril E. Jean on internet and it fitted fully to my perception of what could be seen by the lady in the poem. It helped me to improve the poem and it made me write an English version so other people than only those who understand Dutch can enjoy it and understand the tale.

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